Terms & Conditions for Use and Sale

These conditions shall apply in all cases where no other written agreement has been made between the Customer and By Room.
As customer it is your obligation to acknowledge our conditions.

§1 The Danish Sale of Goods Act's common rules
1.1 If anything else is not noted, we follow the Danish Sale of Goods Act's common rules.
1.2 The following conditions are applied to all trade between the customer and by Room.
1.3 Subject to the conditions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act By Room makes reservations when it comes to misprints of all kinds and products being temporarily out of stock.

§2 Prices and VAT

2.1 An order must be of the minimum of 350 EUR
2.2 All prices are quoted with EX -VAT.
2.3 by Room will not add any additional credit card-fees or other kinds of surcharges to your payment other than those stated below.
2.4 The only surcharge added is postage and packaging, which is paid for by the customer – all orders are considered EX WORKS.
2.5 If you order from a non-EU country the Handling, Documents and Stamps will be added to your invoice. All further expenses for VAT and Customs clearance is customer responsibility.
2.6 All orders with a delivery date more than 3 months ahead, are to be pre-paid with 30% of the order value.

§3. Payment and Reminders
3.1 You may pay within 10 days of invoice date, either by bank transfer or SEPA.
We do not accept payment by cheque, cash or vouchers.
3.2. If we have not received your payment within 10 days after delivery, we will send you a reminder and add the administration fee of 18,50 EUR to your invoice.
If we have to send a second reminder, we will add Interest to our claim and with the 3´rd reminder / Collection Warning, we will add the cost of legal collection to your account.
3.3. The interest rate is 18% P.A. and the Legal Collection fee is min. 160,00 EUR + 20% of the invoice value.

§4 Rights of Cancellation and Claims
4.1 The customer is reserved the right to cancel any purchase until 10 days after the order has been made.

4.2 If the customer wishes to exercise this right it must it be reported as soon as possible to by Room's customer services and always by mail (info@byroom.dk).
4.3 The entire cost of the goods will be refunded, unless something else been agreed upon prior to its return.
4.4. If the customer wishes to return ordered goods, this has to be agreed upon with By Room and at the customers expenses. By Room does not accept the return of goods that are not returned in their original packing or tags has been removed or tampered with.
If the original packing is not added, By Room may choose to deny compensation.

§5 Warranty
5.1 by Room grants 2 years warranty according to the common rules in the Danish Sale of Goods Act.
5.2 The warranty does not apply to any kind of defects in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accidents, negligence by the customer or any third party, use otherwise than as recommended by Show Room, failure to follow Show Room’s instructions, or any alteration or repair carried out without by Room’s approval.

5.3 Any complaints about flaws or wants must be reported to Show Room within 10 days after receiving the goods.

§6 Delivery

6.1 The price for delivery depends on the number of cartons
6.2 by Room delivers via GLS & Schenker.
6.3 If the desired goods are in stock delivery is estimated to be 2-4 working days.
6.4 If the required delivery time can not be fulfilled it will it be noted prior to order placement.
6.5 In certain cases it can take up to 10 working days for the goods to be delivered.
6.6 If the estimated delivery time is exceeded you can contact our costumer services via e-mail: info@byroom.dk
6.7 by Room delivers within the European Union, but if delivery to somewhere else is required you can contact our costumer services by e-mailing info@byroom.dk with your request.

§7. Complaints and returns

7.1 If there are any flaws or wants with the goods or any wrongful or lost deliveries please contact by Room either by e-mail or phone.

§8. Use of cookies
8.1 Here on by Room we use cookies to optimize the shopping experience and to remember which products that has been added to the basket and favourites.