Covid-19 situation
We are sorry to inform you that our popular mango bowls in size 18cm, 25cm and 38cm, with new designs, are delayed because of COVID-19. We hope they will be available in January 2022. We have tried to get our Mango bowls in time, but unfortunately it did not succeed.
The world has changed and there are major problems in getting raw materials and goods from the Far East - especially India. In India many people suffer from COVID-19 so the capacity of the factories has fallen by 50-70%. Furthermore, there are missing containers since most of the containerships go directly to USA from the Far east. This makes it very difficult to get empty containers. 

We wish you all a lovely day – And want you all to stay well and healthy.
Team by room.
Mango wood is a sustainable choice. Mango trees grow to large sizes, reaching heights of 18m. to 30m. with girths up to 1,5m in diameter. It takes a mango tree about 15-20 years to reach this size, and at that point, the tree stops producing fruit (or produces far less). Mango farmers then cut down the tree and plant younger trees so that they can continue to produce and sell fruit. Instead of the farmer burns the wood, we pick it up and produce our mango bowls.
Bowl, Multicolor
Item number: Multicolor From
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Bowl, Blue Circle
Item number: Bowl, Blue Circle From
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Bowl,  3 different Moroccan prints
Item number: Moroccan prints
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Bowl multi mandala
Item number: Bowl multi mandala - From
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Bowl Golden bird
Item number: Bowl Golden bird from
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Bowl tropical leaves
Item number: Bowl tropical leaves from
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Bowl Zebra in jungle
Item number: Bowl Zebra in jungle from
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Bowl, Chrysanthemum gold
Item number: Bowl Chrysanthemum gold
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Mango bowl, Deep white S/2
Item number: 17266
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Bowl, Retro print mango
Item number: Retro - From
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Bowl, Leaf Lavender
Item number: Leaf Lavender - from
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Bowl, Orange palm leaf
Item number: Orange palm leaf - from
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