New Range
Mix and match our new ceramic range, the soft colors all go together .
We love the colors because they create a good mix between natural, neutral and colorful.
Our ceramics are available in many different colors, shapes  and that is precisely why ceramics are ideal for creating personality, and exactly the expression you want in your home. Ceramics can be used in all rooms of your home, so your personal style can be repeated throughout your house. 
Vase ceramic, round rose
Item number: 16615
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Buddah flowerpot ceramic, blue
Item number: 16659
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Lantern, ceramic blue face
Item number: 16639
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Lantern ceramic, rose face
Item number: 16641
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Vase ceramic, high blue
Item number: 16623
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Vase ceramic, high green
Item number: 16621
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Vase ceramic, high rose
Item number: 16625
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Lantern ceramic big, brown
Item number: 16645
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Lantern ceramic big, green
Item number: 16643
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Vase Tiger ceramic
Item number: 16663
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Vase Zebra ceramic
Item number: 16665
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