is an amazing material it is a natural and environmentally friendly textile. It is made from cellulose, found only in beech trees. Modal has been described as the softest textile in the world. It keeps it’s shape, does not shrink and holds the color after many washes. It should also be mentioned that Modal is the most environmentally alternative in several areas, when looking at fabric for clothing. For example, 10-20 times less water is used in cultivation than cotton.
Woodblock printing by hand on textiles is the process of printing patterns on textiles, usually of linen, cotton or silk, by means of incised wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printingBlock printing by hand is a slow process.
Scarf, blue/yellow, silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 17524
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Scarf, beige/black w/silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 17520
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Scarf, purple/green, silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 17523
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Scarf, brown/black w/silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 17521
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Scarf, green/black w/silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 17152
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Scarf, beige w/silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 16705
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Scarf, blue w/silk boarder 100x180 cm
Item number: 14126
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Scarf Grey 100X180, 100% Modal
Item number: 16994
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Scarf Yellow/black 100X180, 100% Modal
Item number: 16976
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Scarf, blue with leafs, 100% Modal, 100x180 cm
Item number: 15686
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Scarf Blue/Beige 100X180, 100% Modal
Item number: 16978
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Scarf, Modal 180 x 100 cm
Item number: 15054
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