How we produce:

      Army tent canvas fabric lots
       This is the first stage to start the production of by Room articles.
       First we collect lots of army tent canvases to make choise of good quality,
       which is useful for making items.

      Raw army tent canvas fabric
       We screen the fabric that is not suitable for our quality. There are so many chances
       to fix waste fabric, like on border, net, windows and stiching on border, and also dirty
       color and quality

      To rip off by hand all fabric

       Assorting good quality canvas fabric. After that, to rip off by hand
       army tent canvas, which is useful for by Rooms items

       To rip off by hand

       Removing metals

       35-50% chances to waste army tent canvas

       Selected good quality army tent canvas for washing

       Washing process in laundry machine

      Sorting is done again

       10-15% chances to waste after enzyme due to torned, broken or rotten fabric

       Drying process with the help of sunlight

       The fabric is ready to be cut for the production process

       Fabric cutting

       Fabric ready to use

        Fabric panel ready to use as per instructed items has requirements of articles, such as:
        1. printing
        2. Leather appications

        3. stud applications and embroidery

      Printing process

       Before we get ready to print, we make an iron frame as per needed size.
       We proceed a net on the frame, and after that we start to coat and dry it.
       Then proceed the positive for screen printing and make the color as per
       instructed by by Room. We will then apply the prints by hand and dry it.

       All in all the printing step takes 7-10 days.
       If the weather is sunny, the time is reduced.

        Drying in sunny weather:


       Dry in curing machine

      Leather cutting

       If the leather need any article design or handle we follow the same process as with
       cotton fabric. We make a panel cutting outline per design for an easy cutting.
       Same procedure for all sizes. The amount of excess leather depends on design and size.
       If it is a geometric pattern the amount of waste is increased, and if it is a small design
       the amount is reduced.

       Leather and panel is ready for cutting

       Making an outline on the leather ready and then cut it

       If needed on the design, studs articles can be placed on the product

       The process of making studs items

      Stitching process

       Before we start the stitching, we first use adhesive items as per needed for
       cotton fabric,which is helpful for making a more duable, effective and
       goodlooking shape. After that we proceed te stitching.


      Finishing process

       In the finishing stage, we are screening the extra outer thread which is required
       to removefor a better looking result. It is removed by hand with the help of an
       electric solder.

       Spots and repairing process


       We apply ironing for all the items and articles, which makes it attractive and

       ensure preservation for future use and also makes it suitable for packing.
       Chances of crux should reduce after ironing and then bring out a smooth look.


       Labeling and hangtag process

       Packing process