Seagrass grows on the bottom of the sea and can reproduces itself. 
Seagrass is a beautiful addition to your home, it’s also a strong statement about your commitment to a sustainable future. Seagrass is naturally renewable, stain-resistant, highly durable and very attractive, which makes seagrass the perfect choice for your home.

Basket seagrass, S/2 white/Black
Item number: 17219
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Basket seagrass, S/2 Sand/gold
Item number: 17218
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Basket seagrass, S/2 wine red
Item number: 17216
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Basket seagrass, S/2, Blue
Item number: 17217
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Basket seagrass, s/2 Green
Item number: 17215
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Basket, white/nature, S/3 L
Item number: 17020
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Basket seagrass s/3 braided edge
Item number: 15229
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Seagrass basket, set of 3 - Nature
Item number: 14805
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Basket, dusty blue, big Set of 3
Item number: 16586
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Basket, green, big Set of 3
Item number: 16584
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Basket, nat. S/3  seagrass,
Item number: 15213
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Basket, Natural round, S/3
Item number: 16608
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