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by Room

by Room gathers inspiration from around the world

The dream of traveling was the start of an adventure. We see many things of interest on our travels, but in particular we can mention our trip to Singapore, which led us on to India. That trip became the start of by Room and of opening this webshop, where we wish to share our enthusiasm and interest in uniqueness with the rest of the world.

We love to find products, such as pillows and blankets, for your home from other cultures and at the same time it is nice to be able to make a difference in the world.

by Room makes a difference, amongst others by taking sustainability very seriously.  An example would be the last collection, where we ordered our products from a new Indian factory, that could employ an additional 20 workers, because of our investment. We are pleased to see that we are able to help out in the world.

Most of our products are unique in that they are processed by hand, leaving no two products 100% identical. Most of our products are produced using recycled material and many of the textile-based products are made from ancient Indian military tents and some of the carpets produced from residues and old jeans.

OBS: All of our textile/fabric products are washable at 30 degrees celcius.

We strive to change/add collections 4 times a year.

Have a good travel around by Room!